Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for Zander from Elemental and Zoey Redbird from House of Night

I have two Z's today - Zander and Zoey.
First up is an interview with Zander, a character in Brandon Ax's novel ELEMENTAL.

Do you have any nicknames? 
I can't believe Aiden talked me into another one of these. I guess Zander is a nickname my full name is Alexander.

What's an Elemental? 
That's hard to explain. I guess you could say we're here to make sure the things that live in the night don't make playthings out of you.

What are the draw backs and/or perks of it? 
Draw backs? Aiden would say it can get lonely, he tends to go on like that. I would have to say the draw back for me is the constant vigilance, seems like there is always something coming for your head. Perks, all that power is at times intoxicating.

Who is your character crush and/or celebrity crush? 
I'm not much for crushes, people are liabilities. I guess if we are living in a fantasy moment— and lets face it, we are— I'd say Mila Kunis is a very attractive woman.

Do you have a board game/video game that you love to play? 
I haven't played one in years, I remember loving Tekken.

There's a zombie apocalypse, and you can only have 1 person, 1 weapon, 1 food item, and 1 whatever-you-feel-like item. What are they? 
One person? Me, I can count on that guy. One weapon? Me again, I mean human flame thrower, I like my chances. One food? Apples, love them. And one item, hmm...An ipod with an endless battery, full of music.

Here's a blurb for ELEMENTAL by Brandon Ax:
Sophia's mother disappeared when she was six, leaving behind a broken father and sleep disturbed by silent terrors. Now twelve years later, the nightmares that plagued her youth have suddenly returned.

With dark creatures occupying her nights and a sense of restlessness consuming her days, all she wants is to finish school and get out of her small town as fast as possible. Everything changes when she is confronted with the realization that the shadowy beings from her dreams are real. The truth of this reality hits hard when someone she loves is killed. It would seem that anyone in their way is disposable.

A mysterious boy named Aiden enters her life bringing with him all sorts of complications. They're drawn to each other, but their connection brings Aiden right into the path of her half-demon nightmares. With her father and several new friends put in the cross-hairs, Sophia must decide whether to let the shadows take her or stand her ground and fight. As the school year steadily moves closer to an end her decision may come with the cost of her life or worse—the lives of those she cares about.

Brandon Ax's Blog

Zoey Redbird from House of Night series

  • Zoey Redbird is a character in the House of Night series, written by mother and daughter duo P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast. She gets marked with a tattoo by a vampyre-tracker and starts to go through the change into a vampyre. Because of this, she moves to the House of Night, a boarding school for other fledglings like her. Here, she meets wonderful friends who become her family. She also finds love-- a few times. HON takes us on a journey of Zoey's life and the angst she goes through as she learns how to live her life as a vampyre as well as trying to control her new-found powers. And it's fun to see her trying to make a decision. That is sooo me. I'm the worst decision maker in the world. 

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  1. You started the challenge with a character from HoN and you ended it with a character from HoN. Cool! That Elemental looks awesome!

  2. Everyone is always telling me I need to check out HoN. I'll take this as a sign.

    Congratulations on finishing the challenge!

  3. sounds really cool---congrats jackie :)

  4. Thanks for the interview it was fun and congrats on the finish.

  5. I'll have to check these out.

    Congrats on the finish!!

  6. Love character interviews. Brandon's book/character looks great- ! :)

  7. Great interview. I can't wait to read Brandon's book.


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