Monday, December 26, 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you have many blessings in the new year ahead.
One of my critique partners encouraged me to share my flower talent on my blog so I chose this cute little doggie. He was a hot item at the flower shop this holiday season.

He's made of white carnations, and he sits inside a brown wicker basket. Christmas greens (cedar, pine, and noble fir) and red mini carns surround him. He even has on a tiny pair of reading glasses. 1800Flowers came up with the design. He's super cute and fun to make!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

8 creepy horror movies . . . watch them, if you dare . . .

With Halloween approaching, horror movies come to mind. Sure, I’ll watch a scary movie anytime of the year, but there are 8 that deserve to be recognized for their creep factor.

(I know this ghost isn't scary, but he's totally cute and helps break up the creepiness of the movies below.)

These aren’t necessarily my favorite horror films, but if you want a good scare, watch one of the movies from the list below.

Top 8 Creepy Movies

8. Poltergeist (1982) – a house with ghosts for guests… after this film, I threw out any toys that resembled clowns.

7. The Omen (1976) – Damien was one messed up kid. When movies start messing with stuff like this, it’s totally scary.

6. Salem’s Lot (1979) – Hardcore vampires. Nothing romantic or gorgeous about them in these film.

5. The Hills Have Eyes (2006) Never, I repeat, never take back roads or shortcuts when you’re not familiar with the territory. Hello? Can you say grotesque, sadistic monsters waiting around the corner-- or in this case-- in the hills?

4. The Amityville Horror (1979) – the ultimate in haunted houses. This movie freaked me out.

3.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) This family had some serious anitsocial issues. Best to stay clear of them.

2. Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) – as if the 1st installment wasn’t bad enough (yes, I screamed at some parts), they came out with a part 2 that trumped the 1st movie in the creepy department.

1. Jeepers Creepers (2001) – Teens driving cross country encounter a creepy creature that drives an even creepier truck. This is the ultimate in scary movies. My description doesn’t do it justice so maybe you should watch it… with the lights on. *Muahahaha*

Okay, so now you know my choices for scary horror movies.
What are some of yours? They don't have to be your favorite, just something that you think is totally creepy and has you checking your doors and sleeping with the lights on.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pitch Contest with Victoria Marini

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Victoria Marini of Gelfman Schneider Literary Agents, Inc.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Couple Chemistry


Connection is everything. When I’m reading a book or watching a movie, I want to be able to feel that spark between the two people in love. If their chemistry is off, I’ll shut down and lose interest. But if I can really feel the bond those couples share, they will be tattooed on my brain forever.

Couples with breathtaking chemistry ...

            Westley & Buttercup (The Princess Bride)

Come on, it’s Westley & Princess Buttercup. ‘Nuff said.
What’s that? You want to know my other choices?   ….As you wish….

Patch & Nora (Hush Hush)


This couple’s chemistry is so hot, you seriously
need a fan on you when reading this book.

Noah & Allie (The Notebook)

 Their love is what others should aspire to be like.

Edward & Bella (Twilight)
Yeah, I said it. Twilight. Their love for each other is delicious.

Tristran & Yvaine (Stardust)
Star-crossed lovers is an understatement. Love that is this magical should be illegal.

What do you think a couple needs to share in order to capture that chemistry? What are some of your favorite couples in books or movies that have a special connection?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Made of Awesome Contest - First 250 words

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Word count: 79,000

I buried my nose in the sleeve of my hospital gown, but it did little to mask the stench. “Next time, warn a girl before you show her a corpse.”
“He isn’t dead, Hadley.” Dr. Ramsey pushed the bed railing down, causing a loud clank to echo throughout the room.
I jumped. The body didn’t.
“If that noise didn’t wake him, nothing will.” I inched closer to the bed. Scarlet puddles seeped through the sheet at one end. Ten toes poked out at the other. “Why is he all covered up if he’s alive? I can’t even see his face.”           
Dr. Ramsey tugged on the sheet, revealing a guy who could’ve served as an extra in a horror flick. A gash on his forehead nearly leaked brains, and his face held numerous cuts, making his head look like it had been used as a piñata.
The smell of rancid meat grew stronger and almost knocked me to the floor. I gripped the bed sheets, trying to anchor myself. “What the hell happened to him?”
“That’s not your concern,” Dr. Ramsey said, ignoring my freak-out fest. “Your focus should be on healing him.”
“That’s what this is about?” I shouted. “You kidnapped me because you thought I could heal him?”
“I didn’t kidnap you.”
“Hello? When you barge into someone’s bedroom in the middle of the night and take them by force, it’s considered kidnapping.”
“We’ll discuss that incident later. Right now, I need you to heal him.”

Friday, May 27, 2011

Made of Awesome Contest

Shelley Watters is hosting an agent judged contest!!!

Judtih  Engracia of Liza Dawson and Associates

Judith is currently building her client list and looking for all types of fiction, especially middle grade, young adult, urban fantasy, steampunk, and paranormal romance.

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