Monday, March 9, 2015

Express Yourself

Express Yourself is the weekly meme where Dani @Entertaining Interests and I ask a question or discuss a topic for other bloggers to share and learn more about each other. 

Some topics and/or questions could be repeats, because things change with time. This way, it keeps things updated. Please join us HERE!

March 2-6 topic:  Who would narrate your life in a movie? submitted by Debra @ The Write Mage

~ I went back and forth with this question, trying to think who'd be great for the job, and after mulling over it this weekend, I'd choose Sandra Bullock. 

March 9-13 topic: If you could try out one occupation for a week, what would you choose?
~ profiler for the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. 

How about you? Who would narrate your life in a movie? What profession would you choose to try for a week?