Saturday, April 27, 2013

X is for Xanthus Ehrensvard

Xanthus Ehrensvard (Xan) is a character in Christine Rains' novella The Dragonslayer - #3 in her 13th Floor Series. 

Hi, Xan! Describe yourself in five words.
Efficient, rational, ethical, ordered, focused.

Now, describe Lois in five words.
Audacious, spirited, crafty, candid, beautiful.

Do you have a celebrity crush?
A celebrity crush? No, I don't keep up on the Hollywood scene. Any celebrity that I've taken particular notice of has turned out to be a dragon.

What’s your job title?
Like my father and my grandfather and all my honored ancestors, I am a dragonslayer.

What’s your weapon of choice?
While I have a number of Barretts in my collection that I use most often, I do prefer the XM2010 Remington Enhanced Sniper Rifle. 

Do you have a perfect vacation spot, you know, to recuperate from all that dragon hunting.
Vacation? I've never been, but Lois wants to take a cruise. I don't understand the draw of lazing around on a boat with a thousand other people. There's a chance of too many things going wrong. And the mess. No, thank you.

It’s the end of the world, and you’re only allowed three items from your home—two necessities and one sentimental. What are you grabbing?
The end of the world? What do you mean? You need to be more specific here. Are we expected to fight? Then I'd take weapons. If the world is going to explode, then material things are useless. There are too many-- All right. Lois is telling me to answer the question like a normal person. I would take her and my ancestors' lance as necessities, and-- No, I'm not taking the ferret. What use-- Okay. Huff the ferret as the sentimental thing.

*Word association time! What’s the first thought that comes to mind when I say the following:
Ice cream - vanilla
Excalibur - a sword of legend
Camera - annoying device

Thanks for stopping by Xan, and thank you, Christine, for writing such an awesome character!

On the rooftop of neighboring building, dragonslayer Xanthus Ehrensvard fires at his target, Governor Whittaker. How he missed the shot, he doesn't know, but fleeing the scene, he picks up an unwanted passenger. Gorgeous reporter Lois King saw Xan's face, and she believes it's the story to make her career. Except he can't let her walk away knowing what he looks like. Xan has to show her the Governor is a bigger threat to the world than he is.

Xan knows dragons never went extinct. They evolved with human society, taking on mortal forms, and slithered their way into positions of great influence and power, just like the Governor. But it's no easy chore proving to someone that dragons still exist, and even more so, they're disguised as famous people. Xan must convince Lois or find another way to silence her. An option, as he gets to know her, he likes less and less.

After all, dragonslayers are no longer celebrated heroes but outlaws. Just as the dragons wish it. But this outlaw must make a plan to slay the dragon or risk its retribution.

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  1. Great interview! The relationship between Xan and Lois was a lot of fun in this book.

  2. Thank you so much for asking Xan to do an interview for X. It was so much fun. Lois is still trying to convince Xan to go on a cruise!

  3. Fun interview! I love Xan's answer to the end of the world question. :)

    Have a great weekend.

  4. i love christine and her super characters :)

  5. Oh, but cruises are so much fun. I can see by the words he used to describe himself, he probably doesn't have much time for fun though. Then again, I wish I were more focused and ordered too. :)

  6. Great interview! I love Christine's 13th Floor series.

  7. You didn't lick him while doing the interview did you (reference comments on Cover Girls "D" day)? Haha


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