Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Hop!

Jeremy Bates is hosting the Halloween Bloghop. Name your favorite monster movie or book and your Halloween costume. Then hop around to other participating blogs to see their choices, too!

I'm not dressing up this year, but my lovely sons came up with a cool idea so maybe we'll do it next year. Their idea... the six of us would be The Avengers. They said my hubby and I would be Hawkeye and Black Widow (I wish I could look like that! LOL.) Then from oldest to youngest, our sons would be Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and The Hulk. (Yeah, my 6 yr old would be the biggest superhero in this brood even though he's the youngest. :D )

Favorite monster movie: that's a tough one because I love horror movies. I have a list a mile long, but for this, I'll choose something with zombies... Dawn of the Dead, the remake.
Favorite monster book would be Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire.
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And make sure to stop by tomorrow to see the winners for Spooktoberfest!!!


  1. That's a great idea to go as the Avengers. As for Dawn of the Dead, that is the classic fave of mine. I actually met the director in Dallas some 4 years ago. Odd looking chap. lol

    Thanks for the post. Cheers!

  2. Nice picks - and that's a cool idea for the Avengers. We would want to see pics, of course, if it happens :)

  3. I think that the Avengers costume theme is awesome!! I have to admit I don't think I could pull off the Black Widow costume either, but I wish I could.

  4. Avengers sound fantastic. You should totally do that and get photo taken for postcards. The postcards could be your holiday cards to send to family and friends! Anne Rice is a classic, good choice!! Happy Halloween!!

  5. That would be an awesome fam pic! Can wait to see that.
    Perfect movie choice and you can't go wrong with Anne Rice.

  6. I dunno if I've ever seen Dawn of the Dead. Zombies never really scared me--too mellow. lol

    Your costume idea sounds too cute!! How fun! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  7. HUGE fan of Anne Rice's work (my favorite is The Witching Hour). And love the Avengers idea - we tried to do that this year but a few friends rebelled and went as DC characters instead. Lame.

    Happy Halloween!


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