Friday, October 26, 2012

Spooktoberfest Bloghop is here!

It's time for Spooktoberfest!!! Dani and I have been so excited for this!


1.  Your Flash Fiction piece cannot be any longer than 300 words. Sorry… that’s part of the challenge. It can be scary, comical, romantic, whatever you choose. Just be creative!
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Dani and I will each choose a winner and post them on HALLOWEEN, Wednesday, Oct. 31st.

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Sweet Kiss

Screams and eerie music bounce off the walls as Ben and I enter the town’s annual Haunted
Cave. Flickering lights from inside the jack-o-lanterns line the floor and cast dancing shadows around the space.
“Ethan told me it’s not so bad,” Ben says, taking my hand in his.
I shiver, but I’m not sure if it’s because of his touch or the creepiness of this place.
“Are you scared, Ash?”
“A little.” I stare at a cauldron bubbling over with smoke and green goo.
He wraps his arm around my waist. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”
White sheets dangle from the ceiling like laundry set out to dry. In one swift move, the makeshift ghosts fly toward us. I jump and dig my fingernails into Ben’s arm.
He lets out a light laugh and tugs me closer to him. His arms become my safety net as we make our way through the hellish maze of creepy zombies, headless bodies, and mask-wearing creepers.
 An amputated hand points us to an arched doorway covered in cobwebs. We walk through and brush them off. I smile, thankful the exit sign is just a few feet away.
Ben pulls me to his chest. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”
“I guess not.” I shrug.
“I told you I wouldn’t let anything happen to you.” He tilts my head and runs a finger down the vein bulging in my neck. “But I’ll need to break that promise now.”
Ben puts his lips to my throat, caressing my skin with his tongue. His teeth sink in, and I cry out. My neck stings like I’m being cut with a razor.
Blood drips from the wound, and I melt into him as memories of my life fade away.

Thanks for reading my flash fiction piece! Please check out the other participant's entries below!


  1. Ooh creepy stuff! I am on a bit of a vampire kick at the moment, so I really enjoyed this!

  2. :) I love vampire stories! (despite what the literary world says at the moment)

  3. Nice twist! Damn Ben, and here I was starting to like him.

    1. You can still like him. ;) Just be warned... he bites. *wink*

  4. Wow, that was good. Vampires are just creepy and sexy all at the same time.

  5. Great twist, I was not expecting it!

  6. Excellent! Loving this blog hop, such great stories!

  7. Hi Jackie
    Scary guy, to bad she isn't a Dental Assistant. No not really. I'm just feeling a little silly today. Nice job.

  8. Never tour a haunted house with a vampire!

    1. I don't think she would have if she knew he was a vampire, but she didn't know until it was too late. :)

  9. Great stuff. It's the nice one who don't seem so scary that you need to watch out for.

    Von L Cid

  10. I loved the Vampiric twist at the end!

  11. And *smack!* those last few lines hit you when you least expect it. ;) Nicely done!

  12. What a great short piece! You should consider expanding some of these and sending them in to anthologies!

  13. Spooky! Got to watch out for those vampires!

  14. Well I wasn't expecting that ending! Great job :)

  15. Ah, you got me there! I was thinking it was all nice and sweet, until that ending. Well done, this was great.

    1. Yeah, I like stories with a twist. Thanks for reading!

  16. As a kid I was always freaked out by haunted houses, cause I figured it would be the best place to kill someone for real. I mean, who would know, right?

    This reminded me of that and totally creeped me out. Nice job!

  17. Well, that wasn't so bad; until the end. Guess he wanted her veins pumping, lol.


  18. Ooh I love this, great twist at the end :)

  19. Now that was unexpected!! I love a good twist :)

  20. I've seen you blog-hop badge and your blog mentioned in a bunch of sites today -- you're famous! I loved your flash fic item, especially the ending. Great post! :-)

  21. Aww, this was a wonderful piece! The guy seemed so adorable...right until the end. Maybe he's just turning her, and not killing her? So they can be together forever? (I'm a hopeless romantic)

    Thanks for the blog hop!

  22. Aw! Poor girl! I do love a good vampire story. :)

  23. Awesome twist! Just when she thought she was safe. ;)

  24. A real vampire in a fake haunted house, now there's something you wouldn't see coming. Nicely done! Thanks for hosting this fest, I had a spooktacular time reading all these wonderfully, spirited shorts! There are few better ways to get into Halloween then some creepy stories. :-)


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