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Christine Rains - Guest Post

When Christine Rains suggested a post on being a writer mom, my first thought was--yes, please! As a mom of four sons, I wanted any advice I could to help me in this writing venture.

Thanks, Christine, for guest posting! Take it away... 

BEING A WRITER MOM By Christine Rains

I just sat down in my office chair to write and something crunched. Standing up, I stared down at the Cheerios. A few of them were soggy. When? How? I don't know. I went into the kitchen to fetch a dishtowel and almost walked into the open cupboards. All the cupboards were open, and in each one, there were more Cheerios. Writing would have to wait.

This is the life of a writer mom. Things have a way of popping up to prevent you from writing. The characters in your head aren't patient either. They demand attention in the same way a toddler does: by talking really loud or leaving messes in your mind which keep you from focusing on anything else.

Being a writer and a mom requires strict time management. You need to grab what little free time you have and make the most of it. This includes a few minutes here and a few minutes there. It might also mean staying up later after the children are in bed or waking up before they do. Yet for those of you who don't like to miss any precious sleep time like me, you need to find alternative ways to gain time to write.

If you're lucky to have an understanding partner and/or family available to watch the kids, don't feel guilty for taking advantage of them. You can return the favor later on. Letting yourself indulge in some writing time allows you to find some level of sanity, and you're able to better cope with everything else.

Make a schedule and stick to it. I realize sometimes this is impossible, but having a schedule will allow you to focus on one thing at a time rather than having your mind scattered. For example, the morning is spent with the kids running errands and a play-date. After lunch, maybe the little ones go down for a nap and the older kids can watch a favorite show. That's your time to write. Just knowing that hour is coming up really helps get you through the day.

The best piece of advice I've been given by other parents is to carry around a notebook. I didn't think this would work for me. I'm not a note-taking kind of gal. I was certain I'd remember all my brilliant ideas and write about them later. Nope. Children will suck your brain clean. I'm lucky to remember which day it is sometimes.

Remember, you're not alone as a parent nor as a writer. Connect with other writers and find out what works for them. You can write a book even if you're chasing after a toddler all day. Good luck with your writing and finding all the Cheerios.

Title: 1301 – The Marquis
Author: Christine Rains
Genre: paranormal romance
Release date: December 13th, 2012

Life after Hell isn't more exciting than watching football and fixing a busted pipe. Once a powerful demon, Marc enjoys his quiet existence and a good cup of coffee. With big ambitions to gain his master's favor, a trickster demon named Vetis shatters Marc's peace and vows to deliver Marc's head to the fires of Hell. Not before he destroys everything Marc cares about, of course.

Marc's power has diminished over the years. Heaven will never grant him absolution, and he refuses to return to Hell. Running isn't an option. The city of Carmine is his territory. It's also home to his favorite cafe owner, Mae Hopkins. The dame has a lovely smile, but it's her heart and soul that shine bright.

While his city burns and his love is captured, Marc must decide to surrender or let hate and anger fuel him to become the fearsome beast he so loathes: The Marquis. If the Marquis rises, Vetis can be defeated and Mae saved, but Marc would be lost to his demon forever.

Author Bio:
Christine Rains is a writer, blogger, and geek mom. She has four degrees which help nothing with motherhood, but make her a great Jeopardy player. When she's not writing or reading, she having adventures with her son or watching cheesy movies on Syfy Channel. She's a member of S.C.I.F.I. The 13th Floor series is her first self-published series. She also has two novellas and sixteen short stories published.

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  1. Excellent post! Christine is rocking the blogosphere this week! :D

  2. Thanks for hosting me today, Jackie! This post was so much fun to write.

    1. Thanks for your awesome advice on being a writer mom!

  3. I can totally relate to being a writer mom. It's a challenge to find time to write!

    1. You're an inspiring mom, Sherry. I love your blog!

  4. Schedules are a must for keeping up. I think. You seem to do pretty well, Christine.

    1. Thanks, Mary! I try to keep a loose schedule. Some days it's just too loose!

  5. What a great post! Christine, I think you are an amazing writer Mom. I'm still trying to figure out how to get my first work ready for the world. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Such a cute post! I definitely can see how time management would be key as a parent. :)

    1. Thank you! And you hear all the fun stories too. Hehehe!

  7. Great post! I just put my daughter down for her nap. It's writing time!


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