Monday, August 25, 2014

Express Yourself

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Topic for August 25-29:  Name one cancelled/retired TV show you'd love to see back on with new episodes.

There's only one TV show that comes to mind ... LOST. I loved it, and it was one of my favorite series. I just wish the ending would've left better closure. So, I'd love for LOST to come back on with new episodes, and to hear those famous words ... "Previously, on Lost."


A bright star has went home to the Lord. Rest in peace Tina @ Life is Good. The blogging world will not be the same. 


  1. You know, I don't know that there is another show other than Firefly that will make this list. Lost was good, but it did have its ending. Maybe Spaced? I still watch that and think, "they could do more episodes!" I'm going to put them both forward as my answer, because both are huge parts of my vocabulary.

  2. I'm seconding Firefly. :) I loved Lost for the first few seasons, but fell away from it after that but it was definitely a great show.


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