Monday, August 18, 2014

Express Yourself

Express Yourself is a weekly meme where Dani and I ask a question or discuss a topic for other bloggers to share and learn more about each other.

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Topic for Aug 4-8 Who were your celebrity crushes when you were a teen?
Johnny Depp - I fell for him when 21 Jump Street graced my television.  And he's grown more beautiful with age. I'll always heart him. 
John Stamos - Blackie from General Hospital and Jessie from Full House. He made me laugh and cry on a weekly basis. 
Oh, and he could sing. *sigh*

Topic for Aug 11-15 What in one thing Steampunkish you find fascinating from books, TV, movies, and/or the internet?
I'm not a fashion guru or anything like that. I don't even enjoy shopping (unless I'm getting an awesome deal) But the designs of steampunk outfits amaze me.

Who were your celeb crushes as a teen? 
Like Steampunk? What's your favorite thing about it?


Comments make me happy. So do photos of Adam Levine... <3