Monday, July 22, 2013

Express Yourself Meme

Express Yourself is a weekly meme that I do with my fellow blogger and friend, Dani @Entertaining Interests. Our goal? To get to know other bloggers better, and learn things that make you, well, you. :D

The topic for this week: What is the most frustrating/satisfying thing about being a writer? Not a writer, then pertain this question to whatever you'd like.

The most satisfying thing for me happens during the revisions  editing, or the second, third, forth, etc drafts. That's so fun for me because it's when I feel the story comes to life.
The most frustrating thing is when I have to delete a section or even a character. I know it needs to be done, but it sucks all the same.

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  1. First drafts frustrate me. If I can just get to the end...

  2. You're right - deleting big sections can be painful, even if we know it's what the novel needs to grow wings.

  3. There might be nothing worse than deleting entire sections. You spent all that time working on it and envisioning it, and then you go back and realize it's unnecessary. =\

  4. Ugh! I couldn't imagine deleting a character. That would be soooo painful.

  5. LOL, I *hate* revising and editing - it ticks me off to have to go back and re-do stuff! But it is super-satisfying, I'll admit, to look at what I've just done and know that it's damned good work. :-D
    Some Dark Romantic

  6. What is the most frustrating/satisfying thing about being a writer? The most frustrating thing is the unadulterated crap that I write in the first draft stage, and all the exhausting revisions it takes to beat the ms into something worthwhile. The most satisfying thing is when it's polished and shining - and I'm very proud of it. :-)


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