Monday, March 18, 2013

Top Ten Movie Countdown Blogfest, a joint-blog reveal, and Express Yourself Meme

It's time for Ninja Captain Alex's Top Ten Movie Countdown Blogfest

List your top 10 favorite movies then visit other blogs to see their choices. Click HERE for more details on this fun blog hop!

My top 10 fave movies (as of now):

10. Step Brothers
9.  Ratatouille
8.  Gladiator
7.  The Ref
6.  Reality Bites
5.  Titanic
4.  Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
3.  Dawn of the Dead (2004 version)
2.  Tombstone
1.  The Notebook

What are your top ten favorite movies?

Also, today is the reveal of a joint blog with *drum roll* please ... Dani @Entertaining Interests. I mean, who else would it be? *shows a devilish smirk* 
Please venture to our joint blog, Cover Girls. We participated in Alex's blogfest over there, too! 

It's also Express Yourself time! The question that Danielle and I came up with this week is:

Do you have a lucky charm or lucky ritual?

Well, I have three "lucky" rituals...

  1. I LOVE Lucky Charms... no, not a certain charm. I'm talking about the actual cereal. When I eat it, I make a wish on the last green clover marshmallow in the bowl. LOL Typing this out, I know I sound so stupid! But to each her/his own, right?
  2. When the time on a clock is all the same number, I make a wish. Always. Like if it's 12:12, I think of something in my head and hope it comes true. 
  3. Prayer. No it's not "lucky" ... there's no luck involved. But I'm listing it here because it works. Period. 
Do you have any lucky charms or rituals? Check out other bloggers who participate in the Express Yourself Meme. If you'd like to join, you only need to sign up once and post your answer sometime that week. And if you miss a week or two, no biggie. Make sure to visit other participants and have fun with it!


  1. Revenge of the Sith is my favorite Star Wars movie.

    Good luck with the new blog!

  2. good call on "the ref"...

    Jeremy [Retro-Z]
    Howlin' Wolf

  3. Reality Bites. I haven't thought about that movies in ages. I love Gladiator.

  4. I don't think we should ever try to sit down and watch a movie together - LOL - some of your favs go down as my all-time worst ;P.

    I do like Ratatouille, though AND if we all liked the same things, life would be really boring.

  5. Ratatouille is one of my fav too. Congrats on the joint blog. Sounds like fun!

  6. Reality Bites!!!! I haven't seen this in ages. Oh, my, I'm off to see if it's on Netflix!

  7. Loved Tombstone, and I'm glad to see Ratatouille made your list. Awesome! :)

  8. I wanted to include Gladiator in my list but it was just not long enough. :)

  9. I love that we only share one movie. Finally something that we have a lot of differences besides the zombies! LOL We share everything else - which I love!

  10. I've only seen a couple of these, but they are good ones!

  11. I like your "as of now" qualifier on the movie list - it can change daily, can't it?

  12. great list! I loved Ratatouille, Titanic and The Notebook, too but I ran out of space on my list.

  13. I was beginning to wonder if Titanic was going to make anyone's list. I honestly expected to encounter it before now. It's good to see some sci-fi in the list. :)

  14. LOOOOOOOOOOVE The Ref! It's definitely in my top 20! :-)

  15. Great movie choices! I use to make a wish everything time the clock was at 11:11. I can't remember who told me to do it, but they referred to it as the birthday wish time since they were like four candles.

  16. The Ref! Every time I see that on TV, I get sucked into watching it.
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest.

  17. You betta go 'head! \o/

  18. Dawn of the Dead was one of the only worth while remakes ever, orgot all about the ref, great list.

  19. I've only seen Gladiator and Revenge of the Sith. I'm afraid I'm not very in the know about modern movies.

    I've got a green scarab for a lucky charm. I got it during the Ancient Egypt-themed camp I attended for a week at one of Pittsburgh's science museums (probably Carnegie). I used to tell people it came out of a mummy's tomb, though it's probably a lot younger than that!

  20. I love Step Brothers! Wish I would have added that one now, at least as an Honorable Mention.

  21. I haven't seen the Ref, will have to look it up.

    I have never seen Lucky Charms cereal in Australia, but I would like to try it. I have come across a lot of bloggers who mention it on the sites. Must be good.

    I look for the real life 4 leaf clovers that grow amongst their fellow counterparts.

  22. Tombstone is such a geat movie and one of the best westerns. Nice choice! :)

  23. Gladiator almost made my list too!Love love love it! And Val Kilmer rocks as Doc Holliday. "You're a daisy if you do." ;)

  24. I haven't seen the Ref and so I'll make a note to watch it.

  25. Loved these ones:
    8. Gladiator
    6. Reality Bites
    1. The Notebook

    I really did enjoy Titanic too, and own it on DVD, but I don't watch it that often nowadays.

  26. Gladiator made it to my list as well! :3


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