Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First Fight/First Kiss Blogfest Day 1

Today's the 1st day of the First Fight/First Kiss Blogfest hosted by Dani @ Entertaining Interests and me.

For today, share your 1st FIGHT scene on your blog... lovers spat, a banter back and forth, a battle scene, a classic fist fight, etc. It can be verbal, flirty, fists, magic, and so on.
For Thursday, share your 1st KISS scene on your blog. It can be a peck on the cheek or a full fledge kissing session, whatever you want to share.

**The First Fight and First Kiss scenes do not have to be from the same WIP.**

Want to join in on the fun? Go HERE for details.

For my First Fight blogfest, I'll be using a scene from my YA Sci-fi, BREATHE FOR ME.

This story has a few fist fights, but I decided to go with a mild flirty banter between my MC Hadley and one of her love interests, Gage. She's supposed to be walking to class, but becomes distracted...

Excerpt from BREATHE FOR ME
I pluck off a yellow rose from a shrub and inhale its perfume scent.
“That’s illegal,” a male voice whispers from over my shoulder.
My heart tries to jump out of my chest, and I drop the stem inside the bush. I spin to see a hot guy giving me a sexy smirk.
“Picking flowers is illegal?” I point at his Aerosmith T-shirt. “But it’s acceptable for you to wear that instead of the required uniform?”
“I have on my uniform.” He pulls a white oxford shirt out of his back pocket and slips it on. He buttons it, covering up Steven Tyler’s enormous mouth. “See?”
With his messy hair and wrinkly shirt, it’s like he just rolled out of bed. And I’m totally liking what I see.
Must. Not. Act. Boy-crazy.
I reach inside the shrub to retrieve my fallen rose. Thorns dig into my wrist, and I jerk my hand out. “Dammit.” Beads of red pool out of two deep cuts, staining my skin.
The cute guy slides his hand down my arm. “You’re bleeding.”
“I’ll be fine.” I try to yank my arm free, but his grip is firm.
He inspects my wrist then frowns. “I don’t see a wound, though.”
Thanks to my ability to heal quickly, any outward evidence of my cuts are gone. The pain, like my wrist is on fire, is worthless proof.
“I get it.” He smirks and runs this thumb over the inside of my wrist. “You wanted to ask me out and this was your way of breaking the ice.”
I jerk my hand out of his grasp. “You wish.”
His arrogance pisses me off.
And is a total turn-on.  
“My mistake.” He picks off a new rose from the bush and holds it out for me to take. “Truce?”
I push his hand away, but can’t stop my pulse from overreacting.
“You’re a feisty one, aren’t you?” He tucks the rose in my hair, behind my left ear. “I’m Gage.” He studies my face and rubs his lips together. “And you are?”
Totally infatuated. “Hadley.”
Gage walks backwards. “Nice to meet you, Hadley.” He winks then heads toward Puppis Hall, leaving me to drool in private.
Thank you for reading my excerpt. Go check out the other First Fight excerpts for this blogfest! Dani and I will be posting the winners early next week.


  1. Love it! Why is it so hard to keep your cool when faced with such a boy?!

  2. Excellent excerpt, thanks for sharing. ^_^

  3. I'm totally infatuated too! Great job! Love the hop! :)

  4. Love this!! I was totally with her - Gage is all kinds of sexy!

  5. Must. Not. Act. Boy-crazy. That made me laugh. Good job on the voice.

  6. I love your characters, and the sense of humor throughout. Please send me more, I want to read more!

    Also, I have given you the Liebster award on my blog.



    1. You're so sweet. Thanks for the compliments and the award! :)

  7. Great chemistry! And I love the voices of each character :) I really want to know about her ability!
    Thanks for the fun blogfest :)

  8. I really like Gage's character. Great first interesation between the two of them. I'd like to know more. :)

  9. Thank goodness no one can see me drooling right now. Oh to meet a hot boy this way.

    I loved it and wish I was Hadley at this very moment.

  10. Love it! He seems yummy...and I love the name Gage.

  11. haha, she's not drooling in private, since I'm right there with her. :)

  12. LOL - nice, snappy dialogue, I especially enjoy your MC's internal monologue/responses to the dude. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  13. Agreed... the chemistry and dialogue is great. I also like the take you took on the "fight" aspect, whereas most entries will be pulling punches... thanks for lightening the tone and adding some fun to the contest! :-)

  14. I like the exchange:
    “And you are?”
    Totally infatuated. “Hadley.”

    Nice and witty dialogue. =)

  15. Love it and totally want them to talk more. I'm intrigued about the quick healing- sounds like my kind of story.
    A2Z Mommy and What’s In Between

  16. This is such a fun excerpt!

    "And you are?”
    Totally infatuated. “Hadley.”

    (^^so cute)

    I love the blogfest btw. I found out about it a bit too late but it will be fun reading everyone's entries. Maybe I can hop on next time. (:

    1. We've had other late entries so if you want to participate, we don't mind at all. We'd love to see your excerpts! :)

  17. Lol. Cute. Witty. I'm curious about this MC--the healing, what her "world" is like.

  18. Hi Jackie! Love that it turns her on!! My fave kind of tension. ;)

  19. Loved this, it was so funny, and so true of a teenage girl lol.


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