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X is for BMX & X-Men and the Oh My Hero Blog Hop

Awesome girls - Jaycee at JayceeDelorenzo's Blog & Victoria at Confessions of a Twenty Something Fiction Writer - are co-hosting a super fun blog hop. Go check out their blogs and click on the pic below to read other entries in this amazing Blog Hop!

Today, you'll meet Donovan and Gage from my manuscript, Breathe For Me. They're in a love triangle with my main protag, Hadley. Not only are they in love with her, but the three of them have to work together to save the school from Dr. Ramsey, the school's headmaster. He forces the kids into cage matches, placing bets, and not caring who winds up hurt or dead.
Hadley, Gage, and Donovan have their work cut out for them.

To tie in my X for the A to Z Challenge...
Donovan loves comics, his favorite being the X-Men.
Gage rides BMX dirt bikes and loves working on them.

                                  Donovan Graham
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                                       Gage Ryder
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GAGE:  “So, we’re supposed to answer some questions?”

DONOVAN:  “Yep. Here’s the list.”

“Why do you have the list? Why didn’t I get a copy?”

“Dude, I don’t know. Maybe because you act immature, kind of like now.”

“Just read the first question.”

“How would you describe yourself in one word?”

“Incredibly awesome.”

“That's two words, slick.”

“Put a hyphen in there. " *Gage motions with his hand toward the paper.* So what about you?”

“I don’t know. Maybe … complicated?”

“Yeah, I bet that’s real attractive to the ladies.”

 *Donovan rolls eyes* Next question. What's the perfect breakfast?”

“Eggs—sunny side up, bacon, toast, juice, hash browns, and pancakes.”

“You eat all of that in one sitting?”

“Yeah, so? I’m a growing boy.” *Gage pats stomach*

Boy being the keyword. And no wonder you’re so sluggish in the mornings.”

“Look, just because I don’t drink protein shakes and eat fruit, like you do, doesn’t mean I’m lazy.”

“I didn’t say that. Anyway, next question. What’s your worst habit?”

“Probably chewing ice. You?”

“Cracking my knuckles, and my neck.”

“Must be that old age creeping up.”

*Donovan lifts brow* “I’m nineteen. Only two years older than you, buddy. Again, maturity level’s coming into play here.”

“Give me that list.” *Gage snatches paper from Donovan.* “What flower would you bring a girl on a first date?”

“Lilies. What about you?”

“Roses. But not red. That’s for later on down the line. Next question is … what chick flick do you secretly love?”

“That’s easy. The Notebook.”

“Mine is Titanic. But if you tell anyone, I’ll kick your—”

“Shut it. You’re not kicking anyone’s anything. Just read another question.”

“What first attracted you to Hadley?”

*Donovan leans back in his chair* “She has killer blue eyes. And she's confident. I like that.”

“I agree. And I’d like to add feisty in there. Gotta love a feisty girl.”

“Very true.” *Donovan grins.* Hadley’s got the feistiness down pat.”

*Gage smiles.* “Yeah she does. Next… what charity would you donate to if you had a million dollars to spend?”

“Alzheimer’s. My Grams has it, and it kills me.”

“Dude, sorry about that.” *Gage gives Donovan's shoulder a squeeze.* “I’d say Make a Wish Foundation. I think it’s cool that those kids have their dreams come true.”

“Good choice.”

“Thanks. Next question… What’s the last book you’ve read?”

*Donovan shrugs* “The new Spiderman comic. You?”

“A manual on how to change an engine on a bike I’m rebuilding.”


“You know, Hadley would be rather proud of us for not fighting right now.”

“You’re right, she would. It’s probably best if we don’t jinx it. See you in martial arts class. Don’t be late.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

So, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed meeting Gage and Donovan. Please go check out other bloggers in the Oh, My Hero! Blog Hop here and visit the hosts Jaycee and Victoria.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


  1. Love this! Great to meet two of your characters and see how they interact with each other!

  2. This was a really fun interview! Their interaction was super cute!

  3. Great idea to have them do the interview together like that. I could totally see them in action. Awesome! :D

  4. I LOVE that you had them together. Two for the price of one. Nice job.

  5. Since I sorta know them already... I love them doing this together. Hadley would be proud. I love all the unique questions!

  6. I love your characters. Such strong voices, and it doesn't hurt that they are hot too :)

  7. Love these two together. It'd be fun to just sit and listen to them banter.

  8. I love their back-and-forth sparring. They have a really authentic voice.

  9. Nice way to tie it into the A-Z!

  10. I love a bromance mixed in with the rivalry. These two are great together.

  11. This was a fun post! And Gage looks like such a hottie! Thanks for sharing him :)

  12. Jackie, what a creative post! I love it! Great job!

  13. Love their interaction - too funny! And what hotties! Yum. :D

    Thanks for participating!

    1. Thanks for the compliment and for hosting this great blog hop! It was fun!

  14. Jackie.. I have been eagerly waiting to hear about your WiP. LOVE IT! The banter between the two guys is great. If I was Hadley.. it would be a difficult choice! I love that they are both romantics at heart. Looking forward to reading more in the future!


    1. Wow! Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate it and it means a lot. :)

  15. Interesting interaction! Great job!

  16. Hah! I love how Gage patted his stomach and said he was a growing boy. Great work, Jackie! :D

  17. Oh, lordy lordy lordy. I just might lick the screen! These men are gems I love them both and goodness. That's all that can be said! Thanks for joining the hop :D

    1. LOL Glad you liked it! Thanks so much for hosting this awesome blog hop. Loved it! :D

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  19. Nice interview, great banter! I love The Make A Wish Foundation, good answer! :)


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