Wednesday, February 5, 2014

IWSG - Post #17 - inspiration

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Sometimes, I can write from the top of my head without needing props, if you will. Other times, I need some sort of inspiration, especially during those moments where the words won't flow or at a part that I'm stuck on.
For those times, I have some "go-to" ideas for inspiration. 

*Social network sites, mainly Pinterest for the amazing photos, but I have to be careful, because I can get sucked in to those and lose track of time
*a walk (though, now that it's cold, indoor track doesn't have the same view, but it serves its purpose, all the same)
*a drive
*work - my mind wanders, and while I'm at work using creativity, I find that my brain works out other ideas of my stories for me
*the library - one of my favorite places to be, so peaceful and invigorating

What do you guys do to spark some inspiration? 
Do you have any places you like to visit that help in your writing endeavors? 

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy writing!


  1. I held out on joining Pinterest for the longest time, and I finally joined recently, and you're right, it can be so easy to lose track of time. And yet, I tell myself I'm doing my "homework." so I'm justified to surf there...and set up an umbrella and beach blanket and sip a pina colada.

  2. I do have a long drive from work to home that helps me with ideas. I love your idea for a walk too.


  3. Music definitely inspires me. I have two stories that arose as a direct response to songs. They have to worm their way in to my head though, the story isn't always immediately apparent.

  4. I find a lot of inspiration while in the garden. No green thumb here, mostly plant killer type thumbs. Just being outside in peace & quite works wonders for me.

  5. I think music is my biggest source of inspiration. When I'm stuck I'll put my headphones on and try to hitch a ride on the sound. And like Donna, going out for a long drive also helps. I get some of my best ideas while driving my car, lol!

  6. Movies and music! The latter includes playing music and practicing on my guitar.

  7. TV shows, books, and movies, and the library for me too. My dreams give me a lot of inspiration as well. Now if only my boy would let me nap! :)

  8. These are all good things. Music for sure works for me. When my job was really, really boring, I definitely expressed my creativity on the notepads I'd keep next to my workspace, but now that I'm required to think more when I'm there, I find I need to get away from the place before fantasy will again set in. :/

    Oh how I long for the days of walking outside again...

  9. These are great ideas for getting inspiration, I always get writing ideas when I'm driving. The only bad thing is I've usually forgotten them by the time I can actually write them down!

  10. Oddly, I almost never read while I'm writing, but when the spigot shuts off, reading (in the genre I'm writing) always starts it flowing again.

  11. I get ideas from tons of different issue is finding the time to capture them all. :)


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