Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Express Yourself: What's in your wallet/purse?

Hello, Express Yourself-ers! It's EYM time ... the weekly meme that I co-host with Dani. We come up with a question/topic of some sort for other bloggers to share. The goal is for all of us to get to know one another better by expressing different things about ourselves. 
Also, I find that it helps me to stay accountable with my blogging. 
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This week's topic:
What do you carry around in your purse or wallet? (Pics would be fun to see!)

This baby is heavy. No, really. Ask Dani. We were out shopping, and my purse was hurting my shoulder, which happens a lot. I usually end up switching back and forth, wishing I'd take some things out. 

Anyway, I said to her, "This thing weighs a ton." Then, I handed it over to her to show her, and she said, "What the heck do you have in here? Bricks?"

So, I went home and weighed it... 7 lbs 2 oz. That is the size of a newborn! 

I dumped it out onto the floor and sorted through it, thinking that the items in this purse are more like a survival kit. I arranged it here, so you can see the items better instead of leaving it in a big heap.

Hand sanitizer
Tissue packet
Toothbrush w/ holder and paste
Invisalign red case
Notepad and pen for my writing ideas - I fill these things up fast.
Trail mix - a girl's gotta eat!
Hair bands - I should buy stock in these things.
Cough drops
Face moisturizer
Dryer sheet (to ward off static electricity, especially when trying on clothes)
Eyeglasses with case
And the best part.... my youngest sons toys,which you can see below: Han-Solo, Batman, The Joker, Two-face, and a few Lego's. Hey, they come in handy in those emergency situations when I'm stuck in some long line and instead of a meltdown, he plays with the toys. 

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  1. I wish my pictures turned out. So instead I just attached the companies pictures of what I have. lol
    I love T's toys!!

  2. I'm afraid to look in my purse! I know one thing I'm really horrible about is old receipts. I have about a million of them in my bag; they get in my way and cover everything else so I can never find things when I need them—like pens. I'm also really afraid to find out what my purse weighs. :)

    1. Yeah, I have receipts sticking out of that pocket above, as well as in my wallet. It is crammed full of them. *sigh*

  3. Wow. You are prepared. I'm impressed with the toothbrush. Your family must have good oral health. :)

    I've always had smaller purses, the one exception being when I had a diaper bag. And sometimes I've gone through spurts where I just carried a wallet.

    1. LOL I have Invisalign (clear, removable braces) which means I need to have the toothbrush and paste handy. :) I should probably put that above, huh? :D

  4. You could lead an entire boyscout with this purse! Waita be prepared!!!

    1. hehe I feel like I have a troop with four boys and a hubby.

  5. haha i love this jackie (sorry i am not linking up today) i think the only thing i could add to that list would be toilet paper, which i always have a roll in my purse, just in case ;)


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