Friday, October 25, 2013

Spooktoberfest bloghop and Celebrate the small things

Celebrate the Small Things is the fun weekly meme hosted by Viklit @ Scribblings of an Aspiring Author, where bloggers share things they wish to celebrate, and then hop around to other bloggers to rejoice in their celebrations, too. :) Go HERE to sign up and join the celebration!

  • My 13 yr old made the basketball team!!! I'm so thrilled for him because he worked hard and never lost sight of his goal.
  • Spooktoberfest 2013 starts today! YAY! The rules, and my story, are below.
  • Dani and I are going shopping this weekend for the contest prizes. Girl time! Woot!

It's Spooktoberfest time, with my co-host Dani! Thanks goes to all of those who signed up! We heart you! 

Here are the basics of Spooktoberfest... 

  • Write a flash fiction piece between 300-500 words. 
  • Use 3 of the 6 mandatory words and highlight those 3 words in your story:  WRETCH(ED), IMPEDING, ALIEN(S), SKELETON(S), POTION(S), MASK(S) 
  • Use one of the pics below as the location for your story. 

  • Then, post your piece so we can read it, and hop around to the other participants and comment on their awesome stories. Dani and I will each post our winners on Halloween. Those two winners will receive a goodie box filled with Halloween stuff! 

CLICK HERE for the full, official deets on SPOOKTOBERFEST 2013.

And now, here's my flash fiction piece to get things started for Spooktoberfest. 

I jerk my head at the dark stairwell. “I can think of five different ideas that are better than going up there.”

The power’s been out for a week, and we’re on our last batch of batteries, so my sister won’t let me use any for flashlights. Heading upstairs in the dark isn’t my idea of safe.

“Up is our only way out, Sydney.” My sister grabs the back of my neck and forces my head toward the sliding glass door. "Take a look for yourself."

I stare at the creepy things as they pound on the glass and smear blood from their latest meal across it, like they’re erasing steam from a mirror. Some look like they have on Halloween masks, but the flesh slides off their bones and exposes their skeleton, proving this isn’t dress-up time.

“What if we leave through the garage?” I waggle my brows. “There’s a Mustang calling your name.”

“As soon as the door lifts, those things will spill in like girls at a One Direction concert.” Trish ushers me to the staircase again. “Up we go.”

“No.” I squirm away.

“Why can’t you ever do as you’re told?”

“Why do you always boss me around?”

“Because I’m the oldest.”

“By 11 months.”

"Stop this, right now." She clutches my shoulders. “What’s your deal?”

I peer up the stairwell. “I’m scared of what’s up there.”  I chew on my lip. “Promise you won’t get mad.”

“What did you do?” Her eyes squint into two slits. 

“Lance and I wanted to hang out, but when he came through my window earlier, he said he scratched himself on the trellis. It looked more like—”


“Yeah. I came downstairs to get some bandages or peroxide or a potion.

“A potion? Seriously? You're so immature.” She rolls her eyes. “We agreed to not let anyone in until the virus passed, didn’t we?”

I nod, hating when my sister is right.

“Now you’ve risked our lives, over what? A make-out session?”


Trish thrusts a knife in my hand while gripping a bat in her fist. “I’m always cleaning up your messes.”

We head upstairs, causing creaks with each step. At the top, Lance stomps toward us, groaning. He smells, not of his usual aftershave, but like he slept in a dumpster. He lunges at Trish, but I step in front and shove her back.

The knife in my hand slams into Lance’s chest. I push hard, and as I do, life still lurks in his eyes. It’s like his body’s in control of his brain instead of the other way around. Then, his eyes close. I fling his limp body off me and kick him to make sure he’s "dead-dead."

I turn toward Trish. “You okay?”

“I think so.” She sits on the fifth step and rubs her forearm.

“See?” I smile. “I can clean up my own messes.”

My sister’s eyes widen, and I cry out, as Lance’s teeth sink into my calf.


Now, it's your turn! Let us read your flash fiction Spooktoberfest piece! 


  1. Oops - never turn your back on someone you *think* you just killed! Great story :)

  2. She didn't have enough scary movies under her belt... always, ALWAYS "double tap" and make sure they are dead - even if it was a knife. So good, Jax!

    1. Yeah, she double checked, but misjudged.
      Thanks, Dani!

  3. Any story that has the term "dead-dead" is worth the read. Well done. A very good addition to the Event.

  4. Guess sis is still cleaning up her mess, and now her. How awful, and great! So much fun to read all these entries! You and Dani did your blogfest good!

  5. Morbid! Just in time for Halloween!

  6. Ouch! She should have known better than to turn her back on him. :D What an excellent story, loved the dialogue.
    I'm really enjoying reading all the stories in this hop, such a great idea you guys had!

    1. I love writing dialogue. :)
      Thanks for your nice words! It means a lot to me!

  7. This was excellent! Really well written. I didn't know where it was going -- it was twisty -- and you did an amazing job building the scene through dialog. Big thumbs up from me! Congrats on your son's accomplishment and have a great weekend with girl-time and shopping! :-)

    1. Thank you so much, Lexa! That made my day! :D

  8. Nice work! Dialogue is one of the things I like best about writing, too!

    1. Thanks, Dana! Writing dialogue is fun, isn't it?

  9. Ow! Great dialogue and wonderful story. YAY to your son making the team. And have fun shopping ;)

  10. Fantastic story! And I also love the dialogue- "like girls at a One Direction concert"- great! And yay for her that the zombie apocalypse didn't steal her sense of humor!

    1. Thanks so much, Beverly! I love sarcasm and throwing comedy in intense situations. :)

  11. Holy surprise ending! I guess she forgot about the Double-Tap! :-)

    My Spooktoberfest post's scheduled to go up tomorrow. Thanks for co-hosting again this year!

  12. Hey Jackie! Story after my own heart...I'm a huge Walking Dead fan. :-) This was a fantastic story!

  13. That was fantastic! I didn't expect the ending. Bravo! :)

  14. And I hope we've all learned something here. make sure it's dead first! Lovely build-up and, yes, a neat kill.

    Late entry to Spooktoberfest!

  15. Oh, man--that was intense! They failed to follow the "double-tap" rule *tsk, tsk* Awesome ending!

  16. Loved the excerpt! The voice was really fun and kept my interest the whole time. Spooky! What a fun idea for a fest.

    1. Aww. Thanks so much, Morgan! That means a lot to me. :)


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