Friday, October 4, 2013

Celebrate the small things

Celebrate the Small Things is the fun weekly meme hosted by Viklit @ Scribblings of an Aspiring Author, where we share things we wish to celebrate, and then hop around to other bloggers to rejoice in their celebrations, too. :) Go HERE to sign up and join the celebration!

My celebrations:

**My 7 yr old son and I went to "Take your mom to school night" this past week. We had so much fun! We played a trivia game, had dessert, and crafts... we made a "mom and me" hand print that I'm going to frame, and some bookmarks.

**As of last night, my current WIP is at 62k. Woot!

**I came up with an idea for a novel and the characters are talking away. I try to jot down what I can and have an outline ready to go.

How about you? What celebrations do you have for the week?


  1. Take your mom to school night, how cool. One of our local middle schools had take parents to school day and actually let the parents tag along all day long. I think that'd be so fun. And what a great way to get parents involved. Plus at 7, he's probably excited to have you there!

  2. That sounds like it was a lot of fun! Congrats on reaching 62k, and good luck with your new idea :)

  3. Aww that is so cool that you got to share that with your son. Makes me smile ;)

    Characters talking away in new novel and 62k in current WIP? Awesome!!!!

  4. Horray for 62 - that's a lot!!! And those hands are cute. I assume you'll be putting it somewhere special ? ;)

  5. Handprints are cute. One day his will dwarf yours.

  6. That's a cute hand project. :) Congrats on 62k!

  7. Aw, how sweet! My youngest just turned 7, and I'm gasping in shock. He's not supposed to be that old!

    Way to go on your 62K! That must mean you're close to the end, eh? (Ish?)

  8. Didn't make my rounds last week, so here I am!

    Those were great celebrations you had. :) Love the hand prints. And it's so great when a writer's schizophrenic symptoms kick up, isn't it?Writer’s Mark


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