Thursday, June 20, 2013

Express Yourself Meme - what questions do you get asked time and time again?

 For the Express Yourself Meme this week, Dani and I would like to know...

What are some questions that you get asked time and time again? 

The questions I get asked over and over...

What's wrong? Nothing. Why? Because you're not smiling. 
(ugh! This one frustrates me to no end. Why do people think if you're not smiling, that you're unhappy? And the worst is when they put the spot-light on you and ask it in front of a bunch of people. Normally, if I'm not smiling, it means I'm content. Or thinking. Or enjoying life. I don't need to go around smiling like a lunatic. If I did that, then there'd be something wrong with me. :D :D :D )

Were you trying for a girl? (My hubby and I have four boys, but for some odd reason people feel the need to ask this. The answer is no, we weren't trying for a girl. We were trying for a baby. :) We're honored that God blessed us with four sons and wouldn't want it any other way. ^_^ )

Are you guys done having kids? (Sometimes, to be a stinker, I'll tell them that we're just getting started. Hehe)

Are they twins? (Our two middle sons have red hair and are the same size, but are actually 2 1/2 years apart.)

Is your book published yet? (Le sigh)

What's taking so long to get your book out there? (The only way I think non-writers would understand this industry is if they tried to write a book, and then tried to pub it, whether it be indie or traditional. That's truly the only way they will understand how this all works. But writing a book isn't easy, and some just don't see it for what it is... hard work but so worth it.)

What questions do you get asked a lot? Do any get on your nerves? Or do you welcome the questions?


  1. Totally forgot about that first one, I get asked that all the time. The other day one guy at work kept asking me repeatedly, so in the end I gave him a big cheesy grin every time I saw him after that. He hasn't asked me since.
    I really don't get it, no-one smiles all the time! Like you, it usually means I'm thinking about something.

    1. Isn't it so frustrating? Part of me thinks they are insecure and trying to push it off on someone else.

  2. People can be so silly when they keep asking those questions, can't they? And you're right about the publishing question as well. No one who hasn't tried publishing a book would have a clue about what's involved. Wishing you the best,

  3. LOL, I know a family who have eight children, and the first six are girls! They eventually had two boys but I don't think they'd have minded if they had another two girls!

  4. LOL. These are all good. I used to get asked a version of that first one about you all the time. "Is she upset?" *rolls eyes* It was frustrating and it wasn't even about me.
    I also get asked the "Are you done having kids?" one. How's come after after having a certain amount of kids, people just assume you're a baby machine. Maybe 4 is the perfect amount. Sheesh!

  5. I used to get asked if I was ok a lot. Sometimes, my cheeks get tired, so I don't smile. lol

    My sister and I get asked if we're twins a lot, and we're two years apart.


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