Friday, November 9, 2012

IWSG - Nov Post #8

I'm late for IWSG. My apologies to Alex J. Cavanaugh,  the host, and to all my fellow IWSG blogging buddies. Wednesday was a terrible day. And Thursday? Well, I was still reeling from Wednesday. So, here we are. On Friday. *sigh*
I won't drone on about what happened on Wednesday, because it's depressing, and I have good news to share, so hopefully that will trample over the sucky week!

The news... I'm finished! Yes, it took a long time. Almost a whole year. Well, minus three sporadic months that I didn't write, so really it took nine months. Do I think it will take me that long again? No, because I'm getting better at plotting and time management! :D

What am I even referring to? My MS, Wishful Thinking, is finished. I'd discussed with Kimmy (one of my CP's) about blogging the news, but decided to wait to share it for IWSG. I presented the idea to my CP's back in October of 2011 and took off from there!

The past year, my patient CP's have helped me through this process with their critiques, cheerleading, laughter, tears, phone calls, texts, emails... their help is endless. And for that, I'm grateful.
So, thanks Kimmy, Kim, and Laura! (And yes my lovely girls, I'll be sending the final round to you this weekend/next week for your wonderful eyes to peruse one last time.)

My rough pitch for Wishful Thinking:
When 17 yr old Kara McAdams discovers she's a genie, she freaks, but then her crush, Jagger Donnelly, becomes her master, making her think this genie stuff isn’t so bad.
That is, until Simone Spencer, a girl who wants Jagger for herself, gets a hold of Kara’s magic lamp and uses her wishes to make Kara’s life a total genie-living hell.

Like I said, it's a rough pitch, but you get the idea.
I'm working on a query to go out in the next couple weeks. YIKES! I'm terrified. I've done the query route before. The rejections.. sure they sting at first, but then it's ho-hum. But the rejections on the full requests? Those hurt worse. And then there's those no answer ones. I won't go there. I'm just scared. I want to share this book with the world, but what if I'm still not good enough? What if, after writing three books, my writing is still not book material?
Curse those damned "What if's" and their friends, "I can't's" .... *sigh*


  1. *hugs* Love the idea of your story, it sounds fun!

    Good luck with the querying, you'll do great! :D

  2. You'll do great! It's a wonderful story and full of fun scenes. Nothing to worry about in my eyes!

  3. You'll do great! It's a wonderful story and full of fun scenes. Nothing to worry about in my eyes!

  4. You're so right. Querying IS scary. So, don your tough skin suit and best wishes. Your pitch sounds great!

  5. Light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck and may you see quick success! :)

  6. Congrats! That's a huge accomplishment. The story sounds really fun - good luck with querying.

  7. Congratulations on finishing your ms! Awesome, and the story sounds like such a fun read. Good luck with the submissions, you're on the right track! (:

  8. I agree with the above statements... This sounds like a book that would be a page turner. So fun! A genie! I would love one of those about now or in the foreseeable future! You've got this in the bag!

  9. Don't know what your week has been like, but that is good news! Critique partners are the most amazing people.

  10. I could wallpaper my house with rejection letters. You just have to keep doing what you do. Congrats! to you and your milestone.

  11. Can't do without a critique partner or two, they are invaluable.


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