Monday, November 12, 2012

Express Yourself - Pic of work/writing area

It's Express Yourself time!

This week's subject... 
post a pic of your work area, writing, cubicle, craft, etc. Then explain what it is that you do.

Besides writing and raising four sons with my hubby, I also work in the family business. 
No, it's not the mob, and we don't go around "offing" people. O_o 
I work at a floral shop. :)

This is my work area. It might not look like it, but out of those who work here, I'm notoriously clean. I do not like to have a messy place to work at. The others will be standing on piles of stems, petals, and greenery while I try to get my mess into the trashcan.

Designing flower arrangements isn't all that's required of me. Other things I do on a daily basis at the flower shop:  
customer service, process flowers, counsel grieving families, shoulder to cry on for said family, advice giver, poet (when someone wants a creative message on their card), computer work, window display designer, detective (when someone doesn't give a correct address or doesn't know where a funeral is located, etc.) and a keeper of secrets. You'd be surprised at the things people confess, but I've been sworn to secrecy. :D

The next photo shows one of the places I write.

I use two laptops. One for research, emails, and blogging while the other I save for actual writing and beta stuff.

On the pink laptop, my youngest put a Toy Story sticker on it for me. He "sticker-fies" everything. :) I heart my sweet boy!
Oh, and my favorite coffee mug is on the table, too... Grumpy. 

Where do you work and/or write at? 

As always, happy writing!


  1. I didn't know about this meme! How fun. I love seeing your writing area and envy all the flowers. It's great to have a family business too. (I did get Don Vito Corleone vision of chin brushing.) Hey, gave you a mention in my blog today-- thanks for always supporting. :)

    1. You should join!
      LOL to the Corleone comment. :D
      Thanks for the mention on your blog!!!

  2. You did always keep your area clean. Me on the other hand, I was a stem throwing culprit. lol. I miss the shop sometimes... during the slow seasons. hehe.

  3. i love it!! two laptops--doesn't get much better and you get to be around flowers all day--one lucky gal!

  4. Do you still notice the smell of flowers, or does it dull after a while?

    1. At the shop, all the flower scents merge together and can give me a giant headache. LOL But if I have flowers at home, I can smell them and enjoy them.

  5. Fun pics! It's snowing here, so it was nice to see some fresh, beautiful flowers. ;)

  6. That's actually pretty interesting about the floral shop--I never really thought about all those other things you may have to do. And that looks like a nice cozy spot to write! Sometimes I sticker-fy things myself, when I'm feeling silly. ;)

  7. My camera was too embarrassed to snap the shot of my work space. :P

    Love your flower work area!

  8. Love the flowers! Nice comfy lounge!


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