Friday, October 10, 2014

Zombie Apocalypse: Survival Kit & Crew Bloghop

Zombie Apocalypse: Survival Kit & Crew Bloghop

Details: Build your zombie apocalypse dream team and survival kit... pick ONE person and/or ONE item for each of the topics listed in the categories below.
(And since this bloghop is all about having fun, if you have kiddos and/or pets, we can assume they are safely tucked away in a safe haven somewhere while we’re out in the world fighting off zombies, so do not worry.) 

My zombie apocalypse dream team and survival kit


1 The Walking Dead character -  Daryl Dixon. He's a hunter, can build a fire, and his crossbow is his best friend.

1 book character -  Dr. Nevelle from I am Legend, because he's a brilliant doctor and has excellent ideas on traps, shelter, weapons, and discovering a cure.

1 movie character -  Alice from Resident Evil, because killing zombies is kinda her thing.

1 TV character (other than TWD) -  Klaus Michaelson from The Originals - he's a hybrid... half vamp, half wolf, and he's immortal, so he would be an asset on my team.

1 loved one -  My hubby, for his zombie knowledge, ideas, and well, he's my heart.

1 friend -  Dani, my soultwin. We bounce ideas off each other and can come up with great plans. Also, she can stay calm in a crisis.

1 freebie -  Hulk/David Banner - if he gets bit, he won't become a zombie. He'll turn into the Hulk and take out a ton of other zombies, a.k.a. Hulk Smash. Also, when he's not the Hulk, he's a physicist, so I'm hoping he'll work with Dr. Nevelle to find a cure.


1 comfort item -  my fave blanket, It's the perfect size and lightweight.

1 weapon -  I want a lightsaber because that would be just badass, but if not that, then I'd go with a combat knife.

1 luxury item -  manual can opener

1 food item -  trail mix. It's easy to carry, lightweight, and I can ration it out for long periods of time. Plus, I love it!

1 medicine/first aid item -  antibiotics

1 hygiene item -  toothpaste

1 freebie -  duct tape for it's multipurpose benefits


Outpost -  An old two-story library a few blocks from the ocean.
Outbreak -  I'm not sure where it started, but it's worldwide...
Cause of it -  Some sort of new flu-bug strain
Cure (if applicable) -  I'm banking on the two smarties, Nevelle and Banner, to come up with a cure, and I think it'd be amazing to help, and  to learn from them!
1 item you NEED to find -  that straw thingie that purifies water
1 item you WANT to find -  coffee. Yep, I just wrote that.
Method of travel -  some type of military vehicle. 


  1. I was toying with the idea of Daryl or Michonne. In the end Michonne won. It's the sword thing - although the crossbow is pretty cool too. Dr Neville would be cool, but the Hulk? I'm just thinking what happens after he gets bit? would he turn into a zombie hulk? Hmmm...And oh my god! We all need that can opener!!!

    Great blog fest :)

    1. In my version of a zombie apocalyptic world, if he gets bit, it makes him mad and he turns into the Hulk instead of a zombie. :)

  2. Man, I gotta start hanging with you and Dani more often, I had no idea there was a straw purifying thingie! Also - can opener = brilliant!

    1. We'll save a spot for you dear Mina! You're always welcome!

  3. Can openerrrrrrrr!!! Yes, brilliant!!! Thank goodness you're on my team!! Since we picked each other does that mean we get to share our crews? You can keep the coffee tho. ;)

  4. Duct tape is so versatile that you just gotta have it! I considered bringing a light saber, but I have no idea if you need to stop to recharge them at some point. I actually looked online to see how frequently a light saber's power supply needs to be recharged/replaced. Wow, my geek is showing, isn't it? :)

    1. I looked up the light saber recharging thing, too, but then decided since this was for fun, that it would stay charged for infinity. haha

  5. Kudos on Daryl - how could anyone not want him on their team?! But imagine how terrifying Klaus would be if he were able to contract the virus and become a zombie/vampire hybrid?!

    I really wanted to put a lightsaber as my weapon of choice, but I chose to be realistic on my items....which makes no sense as most of my crew were fictional, anyway :(

    Love your list - there's great reasoning behind your choices!

    1. With Klaus being immortal, he can't become a, well, since he's a vamp, he's deadish in his own way, too.... but that would be a terrifying thing to turn into if he did become zombie/wolf/vamp hybrid. yikes! *shivers* Oh well, he'd still be cute and hopefully still have that amazing accent! LOL

  6. A lightsaber. That would be awesome! You could kick some zombie butt with that.

    1. Yeah, that'd for sure do the trick! Thanks for stopping by, Suzi! :)

  7. Sorry I missed this, but I enjoyed your write-up. I was thinking flame thrower for a weapon, but light saber is so much cooler. I'd definitely hang with Daryl too.


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