Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Hughes ... John Hughes


In honor of John Hughes, I'm listing my top five movies of his and sharing fun facts on my all-time fav film of his.

5. Weird Science

                                   4. Ferris Beller's Day Off

                                        3. Pretty in Pink

2. Sixteen Candles

1. The Breakfast Club

           Fun facts of TBC

            The BMW in which Claire arrives at school belonged to John Hughes.
Brian's (Anthony Michael Hall) real life mother, Mercedes Hall, played his on-screen mother.
Cameo - At the end of the film, John Hughes played Brian’s father.
Filming took place in a real school gym, which the studio turned into a library.
The same school was featured in Hughes’ Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
Nicolas Cage was originally considered to play the role of John Bender, but production couldn't afford his salary at the time.
Then, John Cusack was cast as John Bender, but Hughes replaced him with Judd Nelson because he looked rebellious compared to Cusack’s boy-next-door looks.
"The Lunch Bunch" was a proposed title.

Eesh. Thank goodness he went with The Breakfast Club.
My favorite quote from TBC . . .
John Bender to Vernon: Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?

Do you have a favorite John Hughes film? Fun fact? Fav quote?

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  1. I own all those movies and have seen them a million times! I'm sad that Some Kind Of Wonderful isn't on your list,'s my #2 next to TBC!

    Your quote is my favorite, although I can practically quote the entire movie word-for-word. In fact, I watched it this past Friday. LOL.

    Love those facts you posted - I didn't know any of them. Can't imagine Cusack or Cage pulling off John Bender in a million years. So glad they stuck with Nelson.

    The Lunch Bunch would have been a horrible title!

    1. Aw don't be sad. Some Kind of Wonderful is in my top ten Hughes films, but I only listed top five here. :)
      I'm glad they went with Nelson, too. He owned that part.

  2. I'm looking at the cover for Pretty in Pink and thinking "Was that their idea of Photoshop back then?"

    Looked up John Hughes, and while I don't recognize many of his films, it seems he produced "Home Alone" which was a favorite of mine as a young child.

    I remember wishing burglars would break in so that we could booby trap the house. Then we realized booby traps would work best if planted before the guys broke in. (My poor, poor mother... What a mess we made.)

  3. I think National Lampoon's Vacation would have to be my fav movie. Talk about cracking me up!

    1. Chevy Chase is awesome. No one else could've played Clark the way he did.

  4. These are all classics! I'm ashamed to say I have yet to watch any of them though.

    Great A-Z post!

    1. Thanks! They are great 80's classics. You should check them out sometime.

  5. We recently watched 'The Breakfast Club' and I told my husband about the Hughes cameo, but I didn't know that was Anthony Michael Hall's real mother!

    1. OMW! I can't believe I didn't put his real name! UGH! I just added it so thank you. I'm such a dork.

  6. Some Kind of Wonderful was one of my favorites. And I liked Pretty in Pink up until the end. I still think she should have ended up with Ducky.

  7. Some Kind of Wonderful was a good movie. :)


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